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    Movable double glass windshield.

    The upper glass can be pulled up and down up to 180cm -200cm. Can also be on wheels.

    With this windscreen it is possible to enjoy an open terrace and pleasant weather conditions as well as by lifting the movable glass panel achieve protection against harsh weather conditions and still be able to enjoy the outdoors.

    Aluminum frame with 6mm - 8mm-10mm safety tempered glass.


    Wind load resistance class 6





    • Size

      There are other sizes available

      Color RAL 9500 matt black over 5 pieces can orders with other color with 7% increase of the price.

      GLASS - 10mm 8mm

      Shipping box are not incl. Unit price



    • Shipping price

      Shipping from 280€

      Shipping box are not incl. Unit price

      Delivery time 5 to 6 weeks.

    Color: Black
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