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    Available height up to 220 cm

    Windscreen with double glazing combined with bench  and can be made stable with brake system, even when it is not connected to the ground. You have to get a board for the bench yourself.

    The top glass can be pulled up and down.


    Application: In outdoor area where perimetric separators are needed which can be easily removed.

    Properties: safety tempered glass, 8 to 10 mm in thickness, discrete aluminum profiles

    Basic dimensions: Aluminum columns 40 mm wide and 80 mm deep. Horizontal counterweight of 120 mm in width. The size of the flowerpot: 33 cm deep, 55 cm in height.

    The iron box is on the steering wheel and it makes it easy to move the windshield.


    • Size

      Color RAL 9500 matt black  other color with 7% increase of the price.
      Available in other sizes


    • Shipping price

      Shipping  from. 360€

      Delivery time 5 to 6 weeks.

    Color: Black
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