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Sliding glass Roof
  • Sliding glass Roof

    Sliding series roof is a European reference in innovation in the encapsulation market thanks to its fantastic properties and design: aluminum structure, exclusive waterproofing system, motorized or manual opening systems and the ability of intelligent sensors to automatically open or close ...

    In addition, the sliding roof is compatible with glass curtains and offers the best possible cabinet construction that lives up to the most demanding expectations.

    Each project is unique. We manufacture custom-made roofs that consist of a modular and adaptable aluminum structure.




      Smart sliding roof are with flat roof free standing system even attached to the wall.

      Up to 10m  - 5 pillars 3 in the front 2 on the back side.

      Pillar size is 12cm.

      The roof frame 27cm.

      The roof glass is 5 + 5 triplex mode with aluminium frame total thickness 14mm.

      LED - lights are optional.

      Available in any RAL color.

      Shipping from 1500 euro

    PrisFra €13 700,00
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