Sapphire Plus

Sapphire Plus

SKU: 364215375135191

Price from 2mx3m 3300 euro


Designed to create more pleasant living spaces, Sapphire Plus is adaptable to any environment with its oval and folding structure up to 600 cm. Sapphire Plus offers the ability to work in single, double and triple forms. It’s able to provide necessary infrastructure for any solution.

System has 15% inclination for better water drain. If this structure doesn’t have these following features, Byart Group will not be responsible for possible knapsacks of water or similar problems concerning the running-off of rainwater. Flowing profiles number is indicative, inclinations are the least guaranteed for a correct outflow of rainwater. For inferior inclinations to least measures pointed in the table, it is possible to add one or more intermediary rails, except for technical office approval.