Protective screen / windblocker 6-window

Protective screen / windblocker 6-window

Functional, protective and with a beautiful appearance. That are our versatile screens. This product was initially developed for protection against viruses (such as COVID-19), but can also be used as a windblocker or terrace screen. Due to the transport rollers, the screen is easy to relocate and it is possible to connect multiple screens to each other. The unbreakable plexiglass and the black coated aluminium frame are easy to maintain and provide an industrial look.

  • Description

    weight 25kg
    size H 155 cm - L 80 cm - B 51x131x51 cm
    color black
  • Size and Price

    H 155 cm - L 80 cm - B 51x131x51 cm  € 679

  • Shipping price

    Shipping: € 230 per.screen