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Smart flat roof glass house
  • Smart flat roof glass house

    The market's leading Glass House with almost no requirements and no disadvantages, the perfect solution for the whole year.

    Free sky is 2022 model glass house with flat roof with motor for all year round.
    Free sky produced by one of the major glass & aluminum factories in Europe with high end quality.
    Build your new glass house according to your needs with many options.


    Usage: In spaces where we need the roof to be fully open.

    Operation: At the press of a button, the system’s movable part is slid.

    Characteristics: Double structural glazing, aluminum frame with thermal break, electromechanical operation.

    Full open skylight- offers you all the benefits of outdoor spaces at the press of a button. The sliding glazed roof consists of transverse aluminum bars, on which the system’s glass-boards are positioned. Electrical motors use belts, which slide the moving parts, until they are parked into one another, thus freeing up the two thirds of the roof’s surface. The motion of the moving parts is quiet and smooth, thanks to the multiple ball bearing system they employ.

    The roof glass is 5 + 5 triplex mode with aluminum frame total thickness 14mm.





    1-Sliding glass:  Tempered safety glass -10mm Clear glass or matt glass with aluminium frame total thickness 14mm.


    2-Folding glass: Tempered safety glass 10mm Clear glass or matt glass


    3-Sliding windscreen


    4-Electric windows with motor.


    5-Double glazing termo.


    • Size and Price

      Available on request sizes also in standard sizes

      Delivery is between 6 and 8 weeks

      Shipping prices start from: 3000 euro

      Installation it is not include price.



      Smart glass house are with flat roof free standing system even attached to the wall.

      Up to 10m  - 5 pillars 3 in the front 2 on the back side.

      Pillar size is 12cm.

      The roof frame 27cm.

      LED - lights are optional.

      Available in any RAL color.


    PriceFrom €17,700.00
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