Vertiflex Automatic Guillotine Glazing System; is a remote-controlled, motorized, chained, movable handrail pane. The system can be used as a movable railing system in hotel windows, café windows, restaurant windows, balcony windows and stadium windows, etc. In Vertiflex, the automatic guillotine window system, there are many patented innovations such as "Handproof profile" which is a specially designed profile to prevent finger pinching. / hand. The system can be manufactured with 8 - 10 mm tempered glass or heat-insulated glass and offers maximum thermal insulation among guillotine glass systems with its own unique solutions.

Verlass Glass Systems is a motorized and controlled glass system with a vertical axis.

Our Verlass Guillotine systems are complementary in terms of both design and functionality, specifically designed for use in our pergola products.

But with a flexible and adaptable construction structure, you can safely use any area you need.

The system is installed on

rail profiles placed in the side sections of the glass produced as 2 or 3 wings.

The motor box at the top of the system opens and closes the system using steel chains and gears.

Verlass guillotine glass systems are far ahead of other systems with the unique balance option that reaches up to "3.5 cm" on sloping floors.

Each chain in the two-chain system has a load capacity of 1800 kg.

Glass: Double glazing 5mm + 12mm + 5mm Heat insulated.

5 year factory warranty




















  • Size and Price

    Price: from 980€    




    200 cm 225 cm 250 cm 275 cm 300 cm

     325 cm 350cm 375cm 400cm 



    175 cm    
    200 cm   
    225 cm    
    250 cm    
    275 cm    
    300 cm    
    325 cm                        
    350 cm

  • Shipping price

    Shipping price from 200€ per.screen

    Delivery time 5 to 6 weeks